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Last Minute Christmas Shopping List

The Selección Robusto case

Selección Robusto is a new jewel presented by Habanos S.A. to both connoisseurs and newcomers in the art of smoking inviting them to choose their best option.

This new case contains 5 Robustos of
the most well known Habanos brands:
Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagás, Hoyo de Monterrey


The Selección Piramid case

The Pirámide Vitola, also known as Torpedo, is one of the most sough after and highly appreciated sizes among the enthusiasts in the art of smoking. That’s why we introduce this new case which contains 5 pyramids of the most well known and prestigious Habanos brands:
Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagás, Hoyo de Monterrey.

Selección Pirámide is an exquisite jewel now presented by
Habanos S.A. inviting them to choose between the best brands.

Limited Edition Cuban Cigars

Habanos S.A. presents the long-awaited Edición Limitada. Received year after year with great acceptance, the Limited Edition distinguishes itself for the inclusion of sizes which are not part of the usual range of the brand, and is characterized by a special manufacture. The careful selection of a two-year aged wrapper from the upper level of the plant grants it a darker color and turns this product into something unique.

The Limited Edition is made up by a selection of the most prestigious Habanos brands - all carrying a second band that identifies them.

Because of its very special features, the Edición Limitada is manufactured in small quantities, which makes it a particularly appreciated pleasure for the most demanding smokers.

This package includes
* Cohiba - Piramid Limited Edition 2002
* Montecristo - "C" Limited Edition 2003
* Partagas - Series D No. 3 Limited Edition 2003
* Romeo y Julieta - Hermosos No. 1 Limited Edition 2003

Top 4 Cuban cigars

We have put together the top Cuban cigars of 2004 according to cigar aficionado reviews. Each package contains 4 of the 2004 best Cuban cigars according to their size.

Each pacakges contain 1 (one) of each cigar listed - total of 4 cigars

  • Cuban Churchill cigar pacakge
    o San Cristobal de la Habana El Morro
    o Partagas Churchill Deluxe
    o Romeo y Julieta Prince of Wales
    o Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill

Habanos Booklet

"Cultivating a tradition of perfection"

This book describes in detail all that goes into the making of a Habano, from the planting of the tobacco to the moment when smokers enjoy the tastes and nuances of the 33 brands of belonging to the Habanos Apellation of Origin.- now on the market. The book includes not only the agricultural aspects and cigar making in the historic cuban cigar factories, but also the art of conserving and enjoying these Habanos.

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